His Imperial Majesty King Roman is King of Europa (and Grand Duke of Lithuania), a Monarch in Exile.

           King Roman was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1942, son of a Polish Prince and Grand Duke of Lithuania. Visit KingRoman.org for historical data and more. 

           After graduating from Trinity Academy in Science and Languages in 1960, he served 5 years in the Royal Air Force in the UK and Aden. 

           He later served as a Patrol Officer in Papua New Guinea (Medal), and in the Royal Navy Reserve.

           King Roman was in public/civil service in Australia and UK, and later was appointed variously a Minister, Bishop, and Archbishop ministering to the poor.

           He has been praised and awarded for his humanitarian activities, and was nominated for a Nobel Prize and for Australian of the Year in 2009.

           King Roman discovered his royal inheritance of Lithuania in 1992. He is now, properly, His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First.

           King Roman is a writer and inventor, knowledgeable in archaeology, cosmology, law, and religious and royal history. He enjoys annual sea cruises.

           He has lived in Darwin, Australia, since 1975. 

           King Roman is a citizen with passport entitlement of Australia, Britain/Europe, and Europa and, as a World citizen with a World Passport.                

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  124-7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia           -           +618 89481123          -           hmkingroman@yahoo.com 

            Grand Prince Roman, King Roman,              Pss Katherine, Pss Christine 

Prince Roman with Fele, Dover 1975 

King Roman with Pss Edith, Lady Fele, and Cr. Pss Shirley