The Empire of Europa, proclaimed on 24 May 2005, was previously known as the Kingdom of East Europe.

The Empire of Europa is a usurped kingdom and King Roman a Monarch in Exile still entitled to Sovereign Privileges and Immunity under International Law. 

The Royal De Jure Sovereign of the Empire of Europa is His Imperial Majesty King Roman I, who first inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967. 

The Empire of Europa comprises the Grand Duchy (GD) now Kingdom of Lithuania, GD Belarus, GD Ukraine, Principality of Moldova, and GD Latvia (formerly Duchy of Courland & Duchy of Livonia).

As Monarch in Exile, His Imperial Majesty King Roman has legal rights under International Law to continue to conduct affairs of the Kingdom independent of constituent republics.

As Monarch in Exile, His Imperial Majesty seeks support in similar fashion to fellow royal King James I & VI, with requests for donors to purchase Noble Titles (and also Diplomatic Appointments) to fund charitable and special projects. Any bequests are most welcome in the circumstances of the current Exile from what is rightfully King Roman's Realm.

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Grand Duchy of Lithuania, capital Vilnius    

GD Belarus, capital Minsk - GD Ukraine, capital Kiev

Principality of Moldova, capital Chisinau 

Grand Duchy of Latvia, capital Riga