King's Council 

          King's Council is open to application by Europa Nobility and to independent Nobles who wish to be of special service to His Imperial Majesty.

            These services may be in areas such as International Law, Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, Economics and Finance, Data Analysis, Heraldry and Genealogy, Marketing & Promotion, etc. 

            Loyal service over a period of time may be rewarded by grant of Knighthood or Noble Title. 

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Honorary knighthoods/doctorates/commissions may be granted to people who are willing to put their skills to use in the service of King Roman in his quest to restore the Kingdom of Lithuania and the Empire of Europa to full recognition. If you are interested to assist, please click here and complete the application form in full. Also please donate $50.00 (adults) and $20.00 (youth) in support, thank you.

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