Giving Noble Titles and Knighthoods in return for funds was for a number of centuries one of the principal ways in which Kings

and Princes filled the royal coffers for various purposes. Funds were needed mainly for the waging of wars, whereby the conqueror 

relieved the conquered of his treasures.

          One of the ways in which King James I and VI raised funds was to create the order of Baronets. He began by selling this prime

Knighthood for the sum of £1,000.00 which translates today to around $150,000.00. He sold 100 Baronet titles for today's total equivalent of $15,000,000. 

          You can purchase territories held by His Imperial Majesty King Roman. The above is only a small example of what Monarchs have sold in order to maintain their monarchies!

          King Roman needs your support for his Monarchy in Exile, to help the poor of his Realm and for very special projects.

          If you would like to have a title for yourself, family member, friend or colleague, visit King for details. 

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