Royal Defence 

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          Royal Europa Defence comprises the Knights of the Jaguar, King's Royal Guard, King's Army, King's Navy, and King's Air.

             Persons who wish to apply should have relevant qualifications, military experience, related equipment/vehicles, and make an appropriate donation. You will receive appropriate business cards and badge of rank. Loyal service may be rewarded by a Knighthood or Nobility - see

             Knights of the the Jaguar is a Royal Order for entry to which a donation is requested as follows: Knight - $600, Knight Officer - $1100, Knight Commander - $1600, Knight Grand Commander - $2100. Knighthoods may be acquired for a specified donation as above, and also by loyal service as a King's officer.

             King's Royal Guard is open to application from Europa Knights and Nobles who reside in proximity to the King's Palace and who want to act as his Bodyguard and participate, at the appropriate time, in royal ceremonials.

             King's Army comprises those who are Lieutenant - $600, Captain - $1100, Major - $1600, Colonel - $2100, and General - $2500. 

             King's Navy comprises those who are Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Commodore, and Admiral.

             King's Air comprises Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Air Commodore, and Air Marshal.

             Basic commission as Lieutenant or Royal Guard may be obtained for a donation of $600.00, and higher ranks by donation increments of same, as indicated at King's Army above.

                                                             Above lieutenant ranks are entitled to request a Europa King's Messenger passport

  His Imperial Majesty is Royal Marshal of all forces. 

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